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How many levels of bukkake hardcore do you think you know? Can you let the excellent German Goo Girls do their thing and teach you the many varieties of water sports that these guys love to play out!

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 Technically, this is rhetorical question since you will have to let them take the reins and show you hardcore bukkake in a new light. As you can see, they have restricted themselves somewhat to German and European girls. The women are a mix of very sensual babes, amateurs, pornstars, freaks; you will like them a lot!

As you view the inviting homepage of GGG, as they like being labeled, you will soon come to comprehend that there is more than water sports happening here. There are anal ladies having gangbangs, threesomes, couples lesbians, orgies, cumshots, squirting, piss drinking of course and it comes in a variety of packages. Some women would prefer a glass of hot piss as opposed to champagne, others want piss soaking them to the bone – hey! Judge not another man’s fetish for everyone has his or her likes and dislikes! But take it easy guy; let us go through all that they have here ok!

Picture galleries are surprisingly loaded with the kinda things you appreciate when it comes to pics, and the numbers are massive (way more than nineteen thousand by now). A thing to note here is the dramatics that the studio uses in presenting its content. They do like the shock-and-awe tactic, so big thumbnails of extreme bukkake and pissing, plus other explicit things are shown. The DVD titles speak of the depraved pleasure and insane hardcore scenes you are about to enjoy. You can preview a lot of stuff inside the homepage, models, DVDs, scenes, pics, and so on. Organization looks to be of a simple but efficient manner, porn fans will immediately get the flow of things.

What you want to do is start with the downloads that come with several formats. For DVD movies, you will unearth hour-long videos; scenes are much shorter 20-30 minutes. The cherry on top is high definition res, 720p standard and full 1080p. Not all are this way; some less resolution qualities are their archives with 600+ scenes. When you are using fast internet connections, you will have the best speeds possible. It is a little sad that picture galleries normally are medium res, and that there are videos with DVD level resolution and SD too.

But you need to turn your frown upside down, smile, and see frenzied gangbangs, multiple cumshot drinking girls, and the wildest squirting pissing scenarios that mankind has come to know (and in part appreciate!). They provide extras, bonus footage, navigation is easy, and German Goo Girls is ready to be explored fully! Join and be exposed to bukkake niches and hardcore sexy babes.